This document describes which constitutes acceptable use of the Web page Supowallpapers.com is associated web services and server infrastructure. Also our policy of moderation and what content covers can expect in terms of performance and availability. If you have questions about what is legally allowed to do with the content found on this web site, please see our Copyright Policy.

This website is designed to be accessible via standard Web browser software as those presented in our section of Supported browsers and similar products by the direct interaction of the UN Human Being. With the exception of Public Access it provides RSS feeds in XML format, the web site and its associated files are not meant to access this through any automated means, like scripts or robots or automated applications.

Keep in mind that if you USING UN Automated means access or download of this Website, in whole or in part, access to the site access can be prevented, absolute, delayed or slowed down temporarily or permanently, especially if It also tries to download a lot of large files simultaneously. This is necessary in order to protect the user experience of the Web Site para Los Que access it in the Preview Por Ella authors form.

Please understand that automated access to the site, Through scripts, bots, or other means like can have the effect of seriously degrade the performance of the Website or incur significant additional costs one THEIR generated enough income sin paragraph cover Operators ESOs costs. Keep in mind that INCLUDED Minor Offenses against policy can esta Having a large negative effect when combined with: similar actions by other users.

We ask that you respect the above guidelines so we can continue offering the website of the UN as a free resource for the world. We prefer to use our resources, of both financial and human, paragraph Improve and expand the features and content of the Website. Your cooperation is essential.

Direct hyperlinks to images and other large files Size Imgar.tk hosted by Strictly no esta sin of our Permit. LINK MAY COURSE Directly to Individual or HTML web pages based on XML ??. Direct our small preview images esta permitted but not guaranteed bond.

With the exception of publicly available RSS feeds XML format files without hay or services hosted on this Website son to be integrated into any online service now or application sin the express written permission of the operators of this site web .

User-Submitted Content
Supowallpapers.com is a website community with support, relying on their community of users for mayor of contents portion manager. We currently accept shipments content as Wallpaper. In order to maintain the quality of our content offering, only a subset of the presentations son selected to be published publicly contradictory Accessible Website.

Some of the contents of Supowallpapers.com can be commented publicly, with the text sent by the user that appears directly on the site, Associate with the appropriate content. It is the intention of the operators and creators of this site that the role of feedback, used only for constructive feedback and Other Related discussions directly to the content in question. Not to be used for personal insults, express or implied, discussions off topic, materials or culturally insensitive racial, sexual content, or any other material suitable for a family public, including young children. : In addition, we ask that of personal information is not published on the website, regardless of whether they belong to himself or someone else. Children under 13 can only send comments or other content under the supervision of the UN parent, guardian or other responsible adult.

We reserve the right to moderate the content published on Supowallpapers.com, during and after the sending process. Moderators can remove or edit content, at any time, manually from or through automated means, including the use of data generated by users S. para determine what is and is not acceptable paragraph Our audience. Moderation criteria may vary over time.

Operators of the UN Website ago Reasonable try para maintain availability and performance of Supowallpapers.com and its associated services. However, uptime and accessibility Guarantee can not. The Website will occasionally be can inaccessible, in whole or in part, due to planned or emergency maintenance, feature upgrades, bug fixes, server migrations, upgrades and hardware failures, or simply paragraph avoid unauthorized use, piracy, or operation of the Website or its resources.

Supowallpapers.com, SUS owners, employees, contractors, partners, shall not be considered legally responsible or financially responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered as a result of the use or existence of Supowallpapers.com, this places its partners, Content, services or infrastructure.
That said, if you have any concerns about the website, please make them known operators a link Connect Us.
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